why is social media important?

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin: Does it ring a bell? Of course, it does. Not only are it’s the 21st century, but you’re also reading a digital marketing agency website, and, most importantly, you’re probably one of the 4200000000 social network users around the world. Why are social networks so important? Because you can interact directly daily, or even hourly, with your clients and see the results of that communication almost immediately. An opportunity you don’t wanna miss.

how we do it

But there is a problem; too much freedom goes against the law of supply and demand. If you post abundantly, your customers will see it as a Spam Invasion. If what you post is scarce, you’ll lose relevancy in a world living a constant state of insomnia. Even worse, if you post cat for mice, nobody will follow you. (besides mice enthusiast’s). But there is a solution; follow us and expect an extreme makeover.

Curb your expectations

It might be hard to define, however, understanding what you want from this party is vital for creating a social media presence.

decide where to be

Every social media is different. So your company must choose where to be. But first one shall answer the that same old question: who are you and who's your target? Then we can define which social media works best for your business.

work that opening bit

How will you talk on social media? Is your brand hip, modern and active on various meme communities, or has a more serene approach to communication? Both work if used correctly.

Track your steps

Data is our starting point. With this we can create better and more creative campaigns. After they’re implemented, the show must go on. Our job as an agency is to always monitor and improve, in any circumstance, your company social media presence.

and finally, don't mix up drinks

Keep your message simple, and most importantly, on point. We can have different conversations at a party, but we can't change opinions from table to table.

Then, it’s time to enjoy the party. Don’t forget to serve jokes and appetizers. When should we show up?

Then, it’s time to enjoy the party. Don’t forget to serve jokes and appetizers. When should we show up?

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