SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization.” Simply put, this means the optimization process will improve Google taking a liking to your website, giving more exposure to your brand in related searches = the higher exposure your pages have in search results, the more likely you’ll draw attention of potential customers to your site. Simple as that.

how SEO works?

Like Google and Bing, search engines have a certain virtual etiquette when it comes to prioritizing websites. One must follow rules that make the engine understand that you know what you’re saying. The semantics of the written text (like the one you are reading) must follow a set of practices and the images shall fit the right size and quality. Even the way the website is built has influence over the search engine perception of who you are. This is what we call,  “The algorithm”. Thought you were done with Algebra? For us it never ended. But don’t worry. Let it slide to our side. We make it simple.

how we do it?

Telepathy between searcher and searched.

No superpowers needed in these mind reading sessions we just use the tools given to us by the intergods. Like google search console or ubersuggests, we also peep into the neighbor’s yard. Even if the grass is greener on the other side, we can always improve yours.
Each entry must range from 1 to 3 keywords. The most valuable one should be in the Title and it should be sprinkled in the text. However, one must avoid “keyword stuffing.” That means exaggerating the usage of keywords all over the copy. It does not operate swiftly. See, for instance, reading “SEO agency in Lisbon” in each segment of this page would be A bit dull. Plus, Google does not like smartypants and will held them at the end of the results spectrum.

Adding some links to spice things up

Yes. This shows that you know your sources and that matters to Google. Don’t forget, it was built by Ph.D. students. Having the proper citations is key.

Step right through our favorite Pyramid scheme.

The H1, H2, and H3 hierarchies organize the website information from the most relevant to the most detailed. It’s a way for Google to know where to look for information.

You’re probably thinking: Is that it?

And we can say for sure: No! SEO is a very complex subject. Just combining the written text, web development, and content creation is a triple threat that must be dealt with professional guidance. Besides, the algorithm has restless leg syndrome. That forces us to constantly state a lookout, swiping through every page of content related to the subject.

Don’t leave your website hanging on the altar and say yes to Google. We create a longstanding relationship.

Don’t leave your website hanging on the altar and say yes to Google. We can fix everything to create a longstanding relationship.

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