defining your voice

Brands would not exist if there wasn’t someone talking about them. That’s why there is a press office: to deal with a company’s internal and external communications. Think with this mind frame: You have launched your brand recently: the product is good, you have a website, social media, and even a weekly newsletter. But something is missing: get the media interested to quickly reach a wider audience.

where to place it?

media placement

Press like television, radio, or print media, although dispersed among offline and online worlds, are still the best chance to boost your business if time is running low.

the influencers era

And let's not forget influencers. You might need to work with such species from the digital world, so it's better if someone speaks Millennial or Gen z.

brand activations

Events are another mean to spread a message. Just note some remarkable campaigns of the last few years. Remember “share a coke”? A mouthful event from Coca-Cola that is still in the mind of many clients. All developed by PR teams that define a "wow" idea and make it happening.

But beware of Murphy's Law.

And finally... the Media Crisis! And this is not a boy who cried “wolf” situation. If you have a company, it's not a matter of "will it happen?", but "when will it happen". Our PR team will be prepared with the right statements for the different scenarios. We’re ready for anything, even for Mercury in Retrograde Season.

Every brand has a story to tell. Come and share yours: we will make it Simple.

Every brand has a story to tell. Come and tell us yours: we will make it Simple.

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