Like a dart to a bullseye, online ads are a very precise tactic to approach a specific market niche that involves the use of the Internet as a medium to obtain website traffic, app engagement or gaining a new lead. Let’s aim for the triple 20? 

what are online ads?

Have you ever been bamboozled by an online ad that is so cool that you didn’t understand it was an ad? That is what we thrive for at Simple.
Ads can be made in all sizes and shapes- and platforms, of course. That’s why they seem more like content than advertising. You can say that’s a change in the advertising landscape. However, to quote someone:
“Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” Howard Luck Gossage said it, and at Simple, we take advertising legends very seriously.
In other words, besides everything, nothing actually changed.

types of online ads:

social ads

Everyone is online, from your grandma to your latest Tinder match. With metaverse - you can get your oculus basically anywhere - we will only be diving deeper and depeer on the internet. However, even if Advertising on the web is different for each platform, on the other side, it is always human-to-human.

search engines

Google is our best friend when it comes to finding the information we need. That's why People usually believe that the first link they see will be the most helpful. And it should be yours up there!

display ads

When something works, we don't change it. Banners work marvels online, giving the client freedom in placing the ad. At Simple, we will select the best locations for your advertising to reach your potential client.

Improve your online ad game with Simple. 

Improve your online ad game with Simple. 

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